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What's more annoying than the noise made by a Roomba? NOTHING! It's never a Shiba Inu's responsibility to withstand such an artificial "idiot." 

Because you know what... they can ONLY turn RIGHT! So loud and unintelligent, the robot doesn't deserve to stay at my house. It's time to throw it out.

Roomba OUT! is a strategy game where the player needs to control the Shiba Inu to "guide" the Roomba out of the house, based on the fact that the idiot robot can only turn right when facing obstacles.

By Devon CHANPeng GUOLeo LIU,  Eli SUNZhixuan XIAO.

 [W] - Move Forward       [SPACE] - Pick Up       [R] - Restart  

[A/D] - Change Direction    [ESC] - Menu    [Left Shift] - Sprint


Roomba OUT! _win.zip 72 MB


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The game are giving me a white screen D: